1957 FA Cup Final

4th May 1957 - Wembley Stadium London

              Aston Villa vs Manchester United

 2 - 1

                                                                                       McParland 68,72                 Taylor 83

The 1957 FA Cup Final; Ason Villa vs Manchester United played on 4 May 1957 in front of 99,225 at Wembley Stadium.

Both teams wore their Away kits for the day

 Villa won 2–1, with both of their goals scored by Peter McParland. Tommy Taylor got
Uniteds goal.

The final was marred by a collision after only six minutes between Villa forward Peter McParland and United goalkeeper
Ray Wood, which left Wood unconscious with a broken cheekbone. Wood left the pitch and Jackie Blanchflower took over in
goal for United. Wood eventually rejoined the game in an outfield position as a virtual passenger before returning to goal
for the last seven minutes of the game.


    Aston Villa   Manchester United    
GK 1  Nigel Sims    Ray Wood 1 GK
RB 2  Stan Lynn    Bill Foulkes 2 RB
LB 3  Peter Aldis    Roger Byrne (c) 3 LB
RH 4  Stan Crowther    Eddie Colman 4 RH
CH 5  Jimmy Dugdale    Jackie Blanchflower 5 CH
LH 6  Pat Saward    Duncan Edwards 6 LH
OR 7  Les Smith    Johnny Berry 7 OR
IR 8  Jackie Sewell    Liam Whelan 8 IR
CF 9  Bill Myerscough    Tommy Taylor 9 CF
IL 10  Johnny Dixon (c)    Bobby Charlton 10 IL
OL 11  Peter McParland    David Pegg 11 OL
     Manager: Eric Houghton   Manager:  Matt Busby    


McParland: The Northern Irish forward lies on the floor after a collision with Manchester United goalkeeper Ray Wood during the 1957 FA Cup final